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Herbal and Nutritional Medicine

Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine

It’s best to neither overestimate, nor underestimate herbs, in both their function and purpose.

Herbs work wonderfully well in healing skin wounds, coughs, colds, flu and sinus congestion. Some people may find them effective for treating anxiety, depression and insomnia. More complicated situations, such as infertility, menstrual disorders, chronic urinary tract infections, lipid disorders and digestive complaints may also respond to herbal medication.

While at present it’s difficult to utilize herbal preparations or formulations to completely replace drugs such as corticosteroids or opiates, one may find a myriad of biologically active phytochemicals that serve valiantly in their role as gentle and effective medicaments.

Dr. Schulman is author of Solve It With Supplements, a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference.

West County Integrative Medicines maintains a small but comprehensive herbal and supplement pharmacy. Coming soon, current patients will be able to to order online through the website for drop shipping directly from our distributors.