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Medical Acupuncture

Medical acupuncture is performed by a physician, either an MD or DO (Doctor of Osteopathy). Most doctors who use acupuncture consider acupuncture as an extension of their skills as a physician.Acupuncture points on head

Acupuncture, when incorporated into a medical practice, serves as a tool that can enhance the range of options for treatment.  Medical doctors typically review medical history, lab tests and imaging studies, and when necessary, contact a patient’s prior physician(s) to obtain a thorough understanding of the patient’s needs and concerns.

Acupuncture may then be used as a stand alone treatment, or as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that might include conventional medications, dietary advice, herbs and or supplements, additional blood tests or diagnostic imaging, joint injections, trigger point injections, osteopathic manipulation, referrals to psychotherapy, physical therapy, or other specialists, as indicated.

For American Board of Medical Acupuncture approved physician training programs, see: http://www.dabma.org