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Prolotherapy is a regenerative therapy that uses a concentrated dextrose (sugar) solution to enhance healing. A solution of dextrose, anesthetic and saline is injected into the injured areas and acts as an irritant to stimulate a temporary, low grade inflammation. With the mild inflammation comes increased blood flow bringing with it platelets, growth factors and other cells to restart the repair process and allow the body to heal on its own. The treatment course often requires a series of several rounds of injections for maximal effect.

The efficacy of prolotherapy has been studied or reported in the setting of:

  • tendonopathies such as lateral epicondylitis and Achilles tendonitis
  • general musculoskeletal conditions
  • pain in and around the region of the coccyx
  • osteoarthritis of the hand
  • sacroiliac disorders
  • various types of neck pain
  • temporomandibular joint disfunction
  • cervicogenic headaches, chronic headaches
  • foot problems

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